Advice of the expert. On the question of how to work in Russia?

Advice of the expert. On the question of how to work in Russia?
Advice of the expert. On the question of how to work in Russia, Interview Afanasy Vinokurov, Director of the Center for Intellectual Property of the Arctic Innovation Center NEFU:

The market of intellectual rights, like any market, includes proposals and the demand for innovation. Proposals are intellectual property objects: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and other objects that are no less important for the country's economy, protected by the state within the framework of Part Four of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. At the same time, for the demand for innovations, it is possible to conditionally accept the fact of the transaction about the transfer of rights to intellectual property.

There are proposals of innovations in the country. More than 40 thousand inventions are patented in Russia every year, more than 55 thousand trademarks are registered, being the main object of intellectual rights for entrepreneurs. At the same time in the same Japan, more than 400 thousand applications for patenting inventions per year are filed.

Another indicator is the use of intellectual property. In Russia, no more than 3,000 contracts for the right to use certain objects are registered annually. This is prohibitive. At the same time, not all patented inventions can be used and introduced into production. A huge number of inventions and so-called secrets of production (know-how) are the basis for obtaining new knowledge. The process of creating innovations is continuous.

Unfortunately, today in our republic, the figures are not the best. In total, last year only 40 inventions were patented, with a quarter of them belonging to the NEFU. Registered unit licenses. Individual developers and industrial enterprises are low-level. The absence of a system for managing intellectual property at the republican level significantly hinders the manifestation of the order of relations in the sphere of intellectual rights.

Rospatent and the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in 2013 decided to scale in the regions of the country the positive experience of the Republic of Tatarstan, which for the first time adopted a long-term target program for the development of the intellectual property market, which today is one of the leaders in this field.

My advice to entrepreneurs how to operate in such conditions is to develop their own legal protection strategy for the subsequent effective use of the results of intellectual activity. At the same time, to apply a well-known order: first to provide protection - including not to violate the rights of third parties - and only then to disclose the novelty of its decision and effectively use it on the market. 

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