ECE invites the expert community to dialogue

ECE invites the expert community to dialogue
Experts can help the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in the adoption of effective solutions that take into account long-term objectives of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) and the interests of various groups. That is the conclusion reached by the participants of the round table "The role of the expert community, scientific and educational institutions in the development of the Eurasian economic integration", which was held August 26 in the framework of "Eurasian Week" in Astana.

According to experts, the Chairman of the Board of ECE assistant Yulii Chaloy, active participation in the preparation of documents is just as useful as the discussion with business projects. However, experts, interested in cooperation with the Commission, it is necessary to find institutional formats of participation, including through self-organization and the creation of "smart" clubs. One of these formats can be a network partnership.

Fundamental and comprehensive understanding in cooperation with independent experts, according to representatives of ECE, require many, at first glance, Industry specific topics. The conclusions of the dialogue, could materially affect the development of the economies of the EAEC countries. These topics include technical regulations, traceability and labeling of goods, logistics, digital agenda, the architecture of international cooperation EAEC. Experts can assist in the analysis of such important for the integration in the ratio of national and supranational jurisdictions, the convergence of levels of economic development of the states - members of the Union and providing economic freedoms within its territory.

Speaking about the development of the human capital of the Union, experts pointed out that the training system operating in the countries of the EAEC not correspond to the actual needs of the economy. " Our programs are significantly behind economic realities ", - noted Advisor to the Secretary of State - Deputy Transport Minister Yulia Zworykin.

According to the president of the Interstate network of financial institution Natalia Korzhova, an ambitious task of creating a single financial market of the Union in 2025 requires the formation of a universal human capital in the territory of the Member States EAEC having modernized consciousness. Under these conditions, educational institutions and research centers have a special mission - to become agents of the very best technology and modern trends. " To this end, we have created a financial institution network - consists of six leading universities of Union finance ", - said Natalya Korzhova.

" For Kazakhstan, the development of integration in the field of education and specific initiatives vnutriintegratsionnye very interesting ," - said the executive secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aryn Orsariyev. He highlighted the signing in April 2016 of the Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the Eurasian University network. " It was one of the important steps in the field of recognition of documents on education ", - said Aryn Orsariyev. According to him, Kazakhstan is interested in intensive cooperation not only at the level of higher education, but also at lower levels of vocational training, as well as in the academic mobility of students, teachers, professionals of the educational sphere, including education management.

Developing the theme, Vice-Rector of the HSE Ivan Prostakov emphasized the necessity of cooperation of the expert community, scientific and educational organizations with national and supranational authorities.

The meeting proposed to create a so-called Eurasian "caravan" or "train" experts - a series of regular meetings between representatives of the expert community on the whole of the EAEC.


Panel discussion and a round table on the topic "The role of the expert community in the development of the Eurasian economic integration of scientific and educational institutions" was held within the "Eurasian week" at the initiative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Research University "Higher School of Economics", the Interstate network of the financial institution and center for Eurasian studies.

The event was attended by experts and representatives of scientific and educational institutions of the EAEC countries.

As moderator of the session by the President of JSC "Financial Academy" of the Ministry of Finance, President of the Interstate network of financial institution Natalya Korzhova; Vice-Rector of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (RF) Ivan Prostakov; Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy, Export Promotion, Infrastructure and PPP Chamber of Commerce of the KR Kubatbek Rakhimov.

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