Economic Growth Attracts Large Foreign Retailers to Russia

Economic Growth Attracts Large Foreign Retailers to Russia

Russia’s economic growth is already showing its first results as foreign companies are starting to invest here once more. Some of the largest retailers in France and Sweden have already established several plants and stores in Russia, and thus raising foreign investments to billions in just a few months. If you want to open a company, our lawyers in Russia can offer legal assistance related to the registration procedure.

Western companies are interested in Russia

Companies in Western Europe are the most interested in opening branches or subsidiaries in Russia considering there are plenty of gaps to fill, gaps which appeared during the economic recession the country went through. Advancing in 2016, the Russian economy has started to recover which has attracted the attention of large foreign retailers especially. France and Sweden are two of the countries which have invested billions of dollars in stores and factories in the second half of the year. These companies are tapping into market shares which have not been explored yet and their representatives have declared the Russian market’s potential is now starting to grow.
One of the greatest advantages foreign companies bring to Russia is the rise in the employment rate in cities like Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg, which are preferred destinations by foreign investors.

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