Updates on the Russian financial sector

Updates on the Russian financial sector

Investments in Russian

Russia's financial market has been subject to an investment inflow throughout the last couple of months. The finance minister of Russia stated that the country has never seen an inflow of foreign investment in the financial sector as such, especially not in corporate and government securities. Inflation rates are expected to go down to 6-7% in 2016. 
Foreign investments in Russia have been largely encouraged by means of reducing taxes (property tax exemptions, reduced rated for social security etc) and also through reforms in the economic sector. 
Due to its significant natural resources, its qualified workforce and its investment potential significantly under-utilized, Russia has lately become a chosen destination for foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses on Russian territory. Furthermore, the key sectors for investment opportunities are mining, real estate, heavy industry and the automobile industry. You can ask our lawyers in Russia for further information about the Russian financial sector.

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