China tempts Britain with free trade, says door to U.S. talks open

BEIJING (Reuters) - China offered Britain talks on a post-Brexit free trade deal on Monday, reaching out to London as Beijing remains mired ...
30 Jul 2018

Federal law about customs regulation in the Russian Federation

The interpretation Provisions of the Federal law of 27.11.2010 № 311-FZ "ON CUSTOMS REGULATION IN the RUSSIAN FEDERATION", the Customs code ...
27 Dec 2017

Russia Supports the Creation of an Asian Free Trade Zone

As more and more countries are entering free trade agreements which encompass large regions all over the world, Russia is also considering c...
8 Dec 2017

Russia Launches Strategy for Financial Literacy

At the end of the summer, the Russian Ministry for Finance has announced the Financial Literacy Strategy 2017-2023 which aims at educating t...
7 Nov 2017

Advice of the expert. On the question of how to work in Russia?

The market of intellectual rights, like any market, includes proposals and the demand for innovation. Proposals are intellectual property ob...
10 Oct 2017

Brands in Russia should have a good future

In the world, there are many brands, which produce not the most healthful products, but which are estimated at billions of dollars. Tobacco ...
29 Sep 2017

The movement of goods across the border while protecting the EAEC to be only 15 trademarks of 5,7 thousand objects of intellectual property, -. ECE

Currently completed the internal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the Customs Code in 2018.
Tags: trademarks
14 Sep 2017

Kyrgyzpatent and China's Commercial and Industrial Administration agreed to cooperate

The State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation (Kyrgyzpatent) and the State Commercial and Industrial Administration of China si...
7 Sep 2017

ECE invites the expert community to dialogue

Experts can help the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) in the adoption of effective solutions that take into account long-term objectives o...
28 Aug 2017

The Special 301 Report 2016: 8-Russia, 10-Ukraine

Russia remains on the Priority Watch List in 2016 as a result of continued and significant challenges to IPR protection and enforcement, par...
13 Jun 2017

Actions can help protect from further cyber attacks by WannaCry and other ransomware

EY recommends six immediate steps for organizations to protect themselves and reduce impact of ransomware attacks. In light of recent cyber ...
16 May 2017

Intel, Samsung join Apple, FTC firing squad against rival Qualcomm

Add Intel and Samsung to the mix of companies siding against Qualcomm in its battle with US trade watchdog the FTC over alleged dodgy patent...
11 Apr 2017

Russia provides for simpler company registration procedures

The changes in the Commercial Law in Russia in relation to corporate governance and transparency is making large foreign companies to consid...
30 Jan 2017

Economic Growth Attracts Large Foreign Retailers to Russia

Russia’s economic growth is already showing its first results as foreign companies are starting to invest here once more. Some of the larges...
15 Dec 2016

Moody’s is optimist about the Russian economy

At the end of October, Moody’s issued its last report on the Russian economy for this year and the outlook for 2017. According to the agency...
10 Nov 2016

The Government supports foreign investment in the oil and gas industry

The main industries also generating the highest revenue to the Russian economy are agriculture and gas and oil. While in agriculture, Russia...
30 Aug 2016

Russia to Support SMEs by Amending Tax System

The Russian Prime Minister is currently working on new schemes in order to support Russian citizens and small and medium-sized companies, as...
3 Aug 2016

Russia — is one of the world's labour markets

What are the attributes of the Russian labor force? The report shows how countries foster the development of their citizens’ skills and was ...
24 Jun 2016

Taxes in Russia are fixed until 2018

Russia's Prime Minister, Dimitry Medvedev, stated that the Government does not plan to raise any taxes until 2018. The statement was made in...
5 May 2016

New VAT Rules in Russia

A new draft law that amends the Russian VAT taxation regime was adopted at the end of February. The new changes will mainly target the manne...
25 Mar 2016

Brazil has made their trade mark data available...

As of 29 February 2016, the National Institute for Intellectual Property of Brazil (INPI) has made their trade mark data available to the TMview...
29 Feb 2016



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